We were shopping all day.

When April 20th arrived this spring, I found out about a new holiday that occurs in April, and it isn’t April Fool’s Day or Easter.

I have recently moved to a new state and they celebrate the 420 holiday.

This holiday celebrates marijuana users. All of the marijuana dispensaries have big sales and they have marijuana corporations offering free sample products and marijuana products. When my friend told me about the sales, I became excited. I was excited when I found out about not needing a medical marijuana card here. There were legal medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. Now, I was able to shop different marijuana dispensaries for one full day, and get some great freebies besides. I took $200 out of the bank and woke up early on April 20th. My best friend, Gene, and I took off early that morning. We bought a cup of coffee and a couple of donuts, knowing we would need to stand in line to get into the first marijuana dispensary. There were so many people in line waiting to be the first people in the dispensary that it took us nearly an hour before seeing the inside of the dispensary. When I got in there, I was shocked at everything on sale. I wanted to spend all the money right there, but Gene said I had to slow down. I bought a vape pen cartridge, so I could get my goodie bag. By the end of the day, I had all of my monthly supplies and so much more. I also had a lot of sample gummies and some great other promotional items. Gene got this smoky black and white bowl that he thought was the coolest.


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