A long time without panic attacks

I went into panic attacks so abruptly that I didn’t even recognize it was happening beforehand.

  • I was too anxious to do anything or go somewhere, because I didn’t have a clue when a panic attack was going to happen.

If you’ve never had a panic attack, let myself and others tell you a little about it. Suddenly your heart pounds. Your head is pounding to match the heartbeat and muscles tense up. Your body heats plus you guess you may implode. There is this feeling of impending death plus you can’t shake it. Luckily, the panic attack ends fairly quickly, but they are horrible. I lost my task because they found myself and others cowering in a corner, trying to hide from everyone, when I had a single particularly severe panic attack. I went to my therapist to beg for help. I was ready to provide up plus die. He had tried all odd drugs and pills. He said he wanted to try a single more treatment. It was less orthodox than western medicine, although he thought it may work. He gave myself and others a prescription for medical marijuana. I was not too sure about it when I thought about the paperwork I had to complete for the medical marijuana card, although he was with myself and others every step of the way. After a brief period of time, I stood in the medical marijuana dispensary picking out my first marijuana products. I didn’t assume it would really help me until a little over two weeks after using medical marijuana. I arose one morning and realized I had a panic attack for a long time.


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