I admit legal medical marijuana is good

I never thought I would feel this way, although I was glad the morning they legalized medical marijuana.

I was known to make a fuss about marijuana in any capacity.

I thought it was a gateway drug to homelessness. I was sure that anyone who used marijuana would end up addicted to cocaine, meth, or some other type of drug that would ultimately destroy their life. When I found out my brother was using marijuana, I all but disowned her. She never told myself and others he was ingesting medical marijuana; but I’m not sure it would have made a difference. She told myself and others he was using medical marijuana to help ease pain. I knew he truly did endure pain. She had throat cancer plus heart disease. The marijuana would not be a cure for the disease, but it could help him to be more comfortable. When they officially legalized medical marijuana, I was over the moon for my brother. She had already begun using marijuana, but now he could legally go to a medical marijuana dispensary plus get his supplies. They did not limit his purchases to just smoking. She could purchase gummies, drinks, plus many types of cookies or whatnot. She could even get vape pens that would help him to easily use his medical marijuana. I entirely was really overjoyed they legalized medical marijuana, but I’m hoping recreational marijuana doesn’t get legalized. I assume that legalized medical marijuana is a great thing. To legalize recreational marijuana is a whole different issue, plus I don’t assume many folks are ready for that..

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