I got a package with cannabis in it

Is there anything better than a nice care package? I have never served in the military, however I have heard soldiers talk about the emotional importance of getting care packages from their loved ones, and after going through a solid year of lockdown in this town, I have more of an appreciation for the mail plus how a care package can boost your whole spirit.

A group of online friends plus me all decided to send each other random care packages, but the people I was with and I have never met in person.

However, we think that we know each other very well, or so I thought… The care package I got was loaded with cannabis treats, edibles, plus CBD based candies, none of which I had ever tried before! I have never even smoked marijuana, plus now all of a sudden I had a plethora of it before me. I have very weak lungs, so other than one little toke of a marijuana roach when I was in school, our experience was nil, then edibles proved to be the way to go for me, opening our eyes (and our mind) to a beautiful world of CBD plus THC bliss. My number one was the space cake strain, which had me giggling on the couch watching some stupid show for about many minutes; however, once the section cake wore off, I realized that the show was not funny at all, plus I was actually watching CSPAN reruns of senate committee debates. After that, I was a huge fan of the edibles, plus so I am now eagerly awaiting our next care package, with more yummy treats!

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