Less pain and More Sleep

I didn’t ask for pitiful teeth.

My mother regularly told myself and others I inherited them from my father’s relatives.

I remember mom going to the dentist with me. She would get his cleaning plus be leaving with a lollipop within an hour. I would sit in the chair for an hour while they gently cleaned my teeth. I would always need fillings done, plus even some extractions or a root canal when my siblings didn’t. I hated that I could never leave the dentist’s office without some kind of dental situation other than cleaning. When I heard about medical marijuana, I often wondered if it could help with the toothaches I tried to pretend I didn’t have. I called my orthodontist plus asked if he knew anything about medical marijuana plus if it could help me. The only thing he said was that it could help lessen pain. There are some marijuana strains that will help to lessen pain, but it wouldn’t help with the actual tooth decay plus splitting. I hated to tell anyone that I was getting to where the pain was so terrible that it was distracting plus I couldn’t sleep. I asked the dentist if he could provide myself and others a prescription for medical marijuana. I knew that sometimes the marijuana wouldn’t help me, although I was ready to give it a go. I just didn’t want to get into opiates plus that was where my use of painkillers was going. He wrote the prescription for me, and completed the paperwork for me to get the medical marijuana card needed to go to the medical marijuana dispensary. It took about a month of chewing on cannabis brownies, but the medical marijuana eased the pain plus I could sleep halfway decently.



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