Nausea is a thing of the past

When I found out I had cancer, it walloped me.

I couldn’t remember a time when I was more scared than I was then.

The dentist told me and my mom that my prognosis was good, plus I would need to get surgery, chemo plus radiation. He told myself and others what to expect every time, plus a single thing he reiterated many times was that I would have nausea. I remember how sick to my stomach I was during my pregnancies. I couldn’t suppose nausea could get any worse, but that was not true. When I started the chemo, I was nauseous all the time. My muscles plus joints were on fire from throwing up, plus I was losing weight abruptly. My dentist told myself and others I really should get more nutrition, although I couldn’t keep anything down. He told myself and others he was going to provide myself and others a prescription for medical marijuana. He told me he prescribes medical marijuana to patients in order to ease the effects of the chemo, plus nearly every single one of them thought it was a miracle prescription. Two weeks later, I had my medical marijuana card, plus I was heading to the marijuana dispensary. The employee helped myself and others to choose products that would help me better than others. She said that many of their customers were cancer patients plus he was knowledgeable about what worked best. She gave myself and others samples of different edibles so I could find something I could tolerate, plus that helped the most. She also gave myself and others a vape pen plus a cartridge. I could easily fit it into my pocket plus I used it whenever I felt the nausea coming on.

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