Thinking a cannabis basket for a gift

My future sister in law Carol invited me to her wedding shower.

  • I don’t know her well enough to get something.

She also elected not to do a registry. So I am at a loss on what a good gift would be. Typical wedding gifts are like a toaster, cheese board or wine glasses. Carol and my brother have lived together for years. They have all the home stuff they could possibly need. One thing I thought of could either be a big hit or a miss. I live in a state where medical cannabis and recreational marijuana are legal. It is easy for me to pop into a cannabis dispensary and pick up what I want. In Carol’s state, medical cannabis is the only thing allowed. She has a lot of rules in place in order to get a medical marijuana prescription. I don’t know her stance on cannabis or if she has ever tried it. I know she doesn’t have a medical marijuana card. I thought a good gift might be a basket of cannabis products. It is something she couldn’t get for herself. At the marijuana dispensary near me there are cannabis cooking oils, butters and spreads. I also could go a different route and get a skincare and haircare line. There are CBD shampoos and conditioners that are supposed to relax you. The lotions and bath bombs are said to help muscle tension and cramps. I even could just pick up some really cool edibles like chocolates, gummies and even a mouth spray. I hope Carol isn’t appalled by my gift.


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