Finding a better appetite with help from the cannabis dispensary

And not just by supplying myself and others with cannabis products

If you have an eating disorder, then you have a life disorder. And don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. I don’t know for sure if I will ever get back to normalcy. But then again, I have no clue what my normalcy will look like. Yet, with the help of marijuana and the good people at the local cannabis business, I’m reading about it. First, I’m not tackling my condition alone or with help solely from a marijuana business. I’m going to therapy every week, and also get respectfully seen and worked on by a medical pro. In fact, it was the medical professional who proposed that I look into using cannabis to help in my recovery. And this was such a pressing shift in my becoming normal. Using both sativa and indica or even hybrid strains, I have the recognition of a healthier appetite. That may seem weird but I’ve spent a long time denying my body so sensations get all screwed up. But with marijuana, my appetite is both real and strong. With help from my therapist and the docs, I’m reading to acknowledge that as a good thing and feed my body respectfully. It hasn’t been easy at all. When you go so long with just completely messed up associations with food, body image and my appetite, it takes time to adjust. But I’m doing it and the folks at the cannabis dispensary help me a lot. And not just by supplying myself and others with cannabis products. I’ve been absolutely up front with them and the staff are all absolutely pulling for myself and others as well. It’s a good feeling and a wonderful, if somewhat unexpected source of support, kindness and compassion.


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