Old doesn’t mean that I am dead with a trip to the cannabis cafe

The look on my kid’s face was just priceless.

Max is a responsible dad now and is doing all the things that look familiar to myself and others from when we raised him.

There is a similar stressed-out countenance for sure. Max came to visit myself and others a few weeks ago in the beach city where I retired. My partner died more than 2 years ago so now it’s just myself and others and Max during these visits. The absolutely afternoon Max arrived, the two of us took a short walk down to the local cannabis spot. As I opened the door, I caught the look on Max’s face and he was stunned to say the least. And it just went on from there. The terrific staff at the local cannabis spot believe myself and others by name and they always reserve my number one fave hybrid strains ready. I could really get the cannabis delivery repair even though I would miss seeing all my friends. When Max finally pulled it together, I asked him if he’d love a pot brownie or maybe some purple haze or something. I told Max that since his family was at beach house and it was just the 2 of us, so the two of us were going to indulge in some recreational marijuana delights. I knew Max had smoked marijuana in university because I found his stash. So why shouldn’t Max and I love some good sativa or indica together right? Once my child got over his shock, Max was in. And he went right for the Blue Dream variety. Both of us went home, seared steaks, had some nice wine and indulge a bit in our haul from the local cannabis spot. It was a single 1 of the best weekends the two of us have ever shared together.
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