A Few Drops Ease the Seizures of My child

My child was born with a condition that causes seizures.

  • Her condition was so dire that she was having two to seven seizures per day.

As the intensity plus frequency increased, so did the pediatrician’s concern about the fact she might have a brain injury. He said the seizures could cause the brain to loosen from the skull, the same as it would with shaken baby syndrome. The medical team tried different medication, plus she was in the hospital for over a month as they ran all kinds of tests. I talked to the medical team when he said about medication. I had to be certain the medications were safe plus how they were going to affect her. My medical team wanted to try marijuana therapy on her. By this time, she was less than 12 months old, so of course I was anxious about the marijuana at her age. The team said it was to be a small amount, but even a few drops could help her control the seizures. I was hesitant to supply my baby marijuana, plus I swung back plus forth about whether to supply it to her. The medical team then told me there was a type of surgery she could get when she was a bit older. The team was hoping she would outgrow the seizures, but they could not be certain. The surgery would be a permanent fix, but the marijuana would reduce the seizures until she got to an age where she could get the surgery. I had a lot to believe about, plus I only hoped that I would make the best decision. I eventually began treatment with medical marijuana.

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