Able to brainstorm better

Have you heard of beats before? Usually it is associated with rap artists, and it involves a circle of people passing around a microphone and freestyling rhymes off the tops of their heads. It isn’t about making the most amazing lyrics, it’s about brainstorming and seeing what happens, but when you turn off your long term thinking and just live in the moment, you can come up with ideas you never would have had otherwise. I am not a rapper, I am a writer and a radio show host who tells stories to the audience, although I have our own kind of cypher. One thing it has in proper with the traditional beats is using cannabis, that is a requirement for a good brainstorming period! I like to smoke our cannabis in joints, not blunts, which I suppose have a bad taste to them, but before every one of us starts I will take an entire bin of cannabis and roll it up into multiple or twelve fat sized joints. Every one of us all have a beer or a mixed booze drink, fire up the cannabis, and spend the next two or three hours just discussing story ideas and seeing what comes out of it. I like to be clear headed when I am entirely writing, however for coming up with thoughts, something about cannabis makes it flow a lot easier. Perhaps it is the effect of the mental high I got from cannabis, and it allows me to just riff on ideas without worrying about if they are any good or not. After all, a good plan can start as a bad idea.



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