Eating Disorder Took Over My Son’s Life

At the age of thirteen, my child began paying more attention to what he was eating.

  • He was about twenty pounds overweight, plus I knew it bothered him.

I was ecstatic to see that he was enjoying his diet and making an effort to eat healthy. He was losing weight, but it wasn’t coming off rapidly. He began to completely skip meals plus then both of us got upset. I made him come to the table plus eat dinner with us. Even though he was at the table, it didn’t mean he was ingesting anything. He would just use the fork and move the food around the plate so it looked like he had eaten a little something. I never put two plus two together to realize he had an eating disorder. I was not aware that teenaged boys suffered from eating disorders. When he began being lethargic, I took him to the dentist. I was taken aback when he took his shirt off. His ribs in his back were visible plus he looked like a holocaust victim. He told the dentist that he wasn’t hungry and the thought of ingesting food made him want to heave. The dentist sent us to a psychologist who talked to me after she talked with my son. She told me she was going to begin treatment with marijuana therapy. Marijuana would make him hungry plus he would eat enough to begin feeding his body the nutrients it needed. She said that she would suggest trying edibles or a tincture that could be mixed into tea. I was taken aback about giving marijuana to my fourteen year old, but I realized that I had to do something. I wanted my fourteen year old to reach the age of fifteen plus with the help of medical marijuana and therapy, he can do it.
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