Getting blazed along the way

Last warm season my sister and I took a road trip to a different state, the heart of the country, and if you ask me the heart of American rock n roll! For the kids out there, where I went is the lake house of the king of rock and roll, god rest his soul.

  • I grew up listening to this man, usually smoking tons of weed while I did so, and always felt a connection to the singer.

After every one of us graduated from private school, our pals and I wanted to take a fun road trip, and decided on going to the country state. Although around here every one of us have various cannabis dispensaries, every one of us had no clue what the situation was like in other states. The federal government still doesn’t like marijuana, however several states have started down the path toward legalization, however which areas? Every one of us decided instead of doing research and plotting stops to make in marijuana-friendly states every one of us would just stock up before leaving, and take enough with us for the whole trip. That was a good plan on paper, but it turns out that on a getaway road trip the rate of cannabis consumption is far, far bigger than while I was in a normal week. Every one of us were blazing all the time, dead headstyle, and within three nights had obliterated over half of our marijuana supply, and long story short, every one of us spent an entire day in the state driving around looking for a cannabis dispensary that would serve us. It was sort of a bummer, however at the same time there was no way every one of us could have taken the route in the country without smoking a ton of cannabis first, right?

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