Getting my cannabis ready early

I don’t suppose what it’s like in your location, but around here the lockdown is coming back pretty tight.

We all thought COVID was in the rearview mirror, but it turns out it was just getting into a faster freeway to overtake us! I blame all the idiots who refused to get a free shot, that would have saved a lot of trouble.

Now I have to go back to wearing a mask, I am extra careful in public, and preparing for another full-scale quarantine, and at least this time I suppose what to expect, so I can stock up on cannabis and toilet paper, but oh yes, you heard myself and others right — cannabis and toilet paper, in that order of importance. If I run out of toilet paper I can always use tissues, right, although I can’t just turn on a faucet and have cannabis come out of it. So one day I particularly would like to have a few cannabis plants of our own, although I suppose I will wait until the laws change a little bit more, and growing marijuana is a lot more publicly visible than having a little jar of it in your garage. As I said, I am particularly careful, that means both with our health and with chopping the law, because cannabis laws around here are a little screwy! There are a few cannabis stores however they are tightly taxed, and growing your own stash is still not allowed, but for stocking up on cannabis I need to go off the books, and find an independent dealer.


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