I am ready to social distance this time

The last time we got hit with a social distancing reason I was not prepared for it at all.

There were some horrible weeks in that timeframe, I’ll be honest.

Now that I hear another wave of quarantine may be on the horizon, I am not resting on my ass, I am getting prepared. Last time was a surprise, however now I have the past experience to tell myself and others what I will need the most. I stocked up on food for our cupboards, of course, and bottled water just in case. I didn’t have enough of a bankroll to buy a large stash of cannabis, although I did have enough to start buying a little more every time I went to the dispensary. It may be weird this time, however if there aren’t delivery services for food and cannabis I need to be prepared! I got one of those big glass jars that will connect to our vacuum sealer, so I can keep cannabis there long term and the quality won’t deteriorate too much. I had been told in the past that keeping your excess marijuana in the freezer was the best way to store it for long portions of time, however that always gave myself and others freezer-burned marijuana! Using a vacuum sealer and the jar is great, the cannabis stays fluffy and soft and fresh. If I put a little tiny slice of an orange peel in the jar, then after a few nights the cannabis is infused with the most delightfully fresh flavor! Every week I add a little more weed to the jar, as my weed saving account.

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