I did marijuana growing before anyone

My family has a long history of hustling products, one that every one of us are all pretty proud of, to be honest.

Back in the nights of the 20s, our distant relations out in the country started making moonshine and selling it to town folks.

They were wild men for a few years, and then the laws changed back to what they had been, and quickly they weren’t wild anymore, they were business owners. Sometimes when you are ahead of the curve you seem like a bad guy to the people behind you, but I’m proud of what our family has accomplished. I did sort of the same thing, growing mariujuana long before it was taxed, regulated and allowed. This means that for years I myself was an outlaw, but making a quick buck. I was saying I thankfully avoided ever getting busted for cannabis in all those years. Once legalization became the rule of the land, every one of us started seeing cannabis dispensaries open up all around us, which led to the next phase. Where I used to grow cannabis and sell to local distributors, now I was able to legalize our grow house and become a distributor for the local dispensaries. I had a high volume operation with high grade weed, and it was easy to find various outlets for our product. In the span of two years I went from being the odd recluse weed farmer on the edge of town to being in the best house in the city. I am honoring our family legacy, taking what they accomplished with booze and doing the same thing with our cannabis growth.


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