Marijuana is Available for Animals

Our dog has dysplasia and with it comes pain all the time.

I couldn’t figure out how the poor baby could survive. He could no longer run, plus he couldn’t transport separate from yelping. I finally took him to the veterinarian. She told me I might have him put down, despite the fact that I couldn’t do that to my boy. I have had him since childhood. Every one of us grew up together. She told meI could try another alternative. I could not cure the dysplasia, but she could possible help alleviate some of the pain. She commanded I supply him marijuana tincture, or wrap marijuana pills in peanut butter so he could digest it. It surprised me that the veterinarian would offer me marijuana to ease the pain. I didn’t suppose they gave it to critters, but marijuana turned out to be an effective choice. I would rather supply my baby marijuana than allow him to suffer. The vet said it would likely supply him a couple months of an wonderful life. She also told me that by alleviating some of his pain, I could also come to accept the fact that he would be crossing the rainbow bridge soon. I got the marijuana for Sugar plus gave him his first dose right away. After a couple of afternoons, I saw he was moving a bit easier, despite the fact that I reminded myself that marijuana was not a permanent fix. Sugar would not last much longer, plus I saw the proof of that when he starting showing signs of mental decline. Although there were still some good times for him, I knew I had to make a decision I didn’t want to make.

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