Now I can get cannabis easier

I never thought I would see the day when I could purchase CBD in my town. Of course, there are some odd places in town that sell all sorts of things, however that doesn’t mean you should buy it! Back in school, when I first started smoking, I had to run around and call 20 weird people to find anyone who had weed. I always had to settle for the lowest quality, because that was all I could afford. Now the whole game has switched, the laws are moving in the right direction, and there are cannabis dispensaries in every city in the state! As of yet, the law says that you can only legally buy cannabis with a dentist’s prescription, or the medical cannabis card issued by the state. I have neither of those things, yet, so while cannabis is more widely available than ever, it is still just out of my reach. Thankfully, it is within reach of many buddies and neighbors, who are glad to raise the cost and sell me a little of their weed. At least I don’t have to call around 20 people to find marijuana now, because all 20 people will be holding! As cool as it is that CBD oil is available all over the place, I don’t really want CBD oil. I want to smoke real pot. I have never been into dabs, or hash on hot knives, or anything fancy-pants, I just want a fat sack of quality cannabis. In another year or two recreational marijuana use will finally be legal, and after that both of us won’t have to worry about it any more.
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