I tried the new strain lime pop and it is like nothing else

I played poker with my friends on Saturday night, and I won three hundred and fifty bucks.

The first thing I thought about was going to the cannabis dispensary to buy some concentrate and marijuana flower.

I was low on concentrate and the money came to me at the perfect time. My wife and I went to the cannabis dispensary first thing on Sunday morning. The place had a brand new strain available called lime pop. The stream comes from a company that uses natural plant terpenes. My wife and I had not tried the lime pop strain before and both of us were excited to see how it would taste and smell. As soon as we got home from the cannabis dispensary, we opened up the sativa hybrid strain to vape some of the concentrate. I was surprised by the heavy citrus smell. I was also surprised by the unique and interesting flavor. I’ve never tasted any strain quite like this one. The flavor was a mix of pine tree and lemons. After vaping some of the concentrate, I felt like I had licked a piece of firewood. It was an odd and strange flavor, but it actually tasted good. I vaped several small dabs of the cannabis concentrate and so did my wife. Not only was the taste and flavor amazing, but the high was really nice too. The sativa hybrid made me feel energetic and creative. I picked out several different sativa hybrid strains at the cannabis dispensary, but lime pop is absolutely my favorite. I would purchase that again and pay full price.

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