Cannabis cafe made our afternoon great

So now I know right where to go when I have a single 1 of those afternoons or even a single 1 of those weeks.

For the longest time, I would either be sorry for myself at my apartment or be disappointed with how wack and lame the bar scene genuinely is.

I’m not going to find what I’m looking for in a bar, that’s a certainty. Also, I’ve always been partial to recreational marijuana and just chilling. While I appreciate going to a local tavern once in a while for a beer with some friends, I’d much rather hang out in the park or anywhere beautiful. Thanks to a new local marijuana business, I can now do both and appreciate some samplings of sativa or indica. The new cannabis spot made a brilliant move and this move is now our go to move when things are just too serious. The folks who owned the cannabis dispensary where I shop opened up a cannabis cafe directly around the corner. And it’s the best. I mean, they couldn’t have found a far more peaceful, mellow spot then on that deadend off the main drag in town. It has covered tables outside under good big, beautiful oaks. It’s just the best location you could imagine. And this marijuana dispensary had the vision to put a cannabis cafe there. I was having just the worst afternoon after numerous rotten afternoons. My buddy recommended that both of us meet there right after our jobs for a tea and to share a sativa edible. That minute or so just completely changed our direction and genuinely got myself and others to relax and smile, to see life as doable and just chill out. Plus, the edible was so delicious and the tea went just perfectly with it.

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