Delivery is the best ever

Delivery services are the best things in the world.

That I can buy something online and tell the company to bring it to my house is amazing.

I no longer have to drive anywhere. I get all my groceries delivered to me. Why bother going into the store? They even will do deli meats and cheeses. I get produce and milk as well. I now have my pharmacy products coming to my doorstep too. Recently my cannabis dispensary changed to offer delivery services and it is a whole new world. I love that I don’t have to go to the store anymore. I have my license, medical weed card, credit card and address all on file. The dispensary even has a feature where it tells me what I usually buy. I just clicked all of that and then hit the order now. The delivery fee is so small since I live near a cannabis dispensary. The drive is kind of horrible since the traffic is always bad. It is nice that I make someone else do it now. In my opinion it is worth five dollars not to have to hop in my car. I love that I can order my cannabis products in my PJs and get them within a few hours. It is the height of laziness. I love just lazing around and smoking my marijuana I didn’t even have to fetch. Due to COVID I don’t even have to greet the delivery driver either. That means I don’t worry about a tip or looking my best. I just wait for them to leave and enjoy my cannabis products.
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