He had no idea how cannabis even worked

My friend Bob was really excited to visit me and it took me a while to find out why. Bob is an old high school friend that just decided to stop in for a long weekend. He was all excited and then I realized it was strictly because I was in a legal recreational weed state. The moment he stepped off the plane he started talking about cannabis. He wanted to go into a recreational weed dispensary. I was really annoyed that I was just a convenient friend for him. When he walked into the cannabis dispensary I realized Bob didn’t research weed at all. He thought he could just grab endless amounts of weed off the shelves and pay. Everything is regulated in the marijuana industry. You get stopped at a certain amount. It was very satisfying watching him get maxed out and only be permitted to buy around ¼ of what he wanted to buy. Bob then wanted me to take him to another cannabis dispensary. I then realized the idiot didn’t realize that when they scan your license, every dispensary knows you. He walked into another cannabis dispensary and couldn’t get any more weed. He was so disappointed and it was awesome. Bob didn’t even finish all the cannabis he was allowed to have before he left. I watched him pack it in his suitcase and prepare to leave for his home state. Since I am never answering his calls again I felt no need to tell him that those dogs in the airports are going to find his cannabis products and hew i’ll lose them.


Blue dream