I needed a bank to secure the loan

Several millions of dollars & a class action lawsuit, then i wanted to use the money to start a business that would sustain our family & I for the rest of our lives.

It was our partner’s system to open a medical & recreational marijuana shop.

I didn’t believe the first thing about medical & recreational marijuana ownership, but our partner was convinced that it was the future business for this area. I have plenty of money to purchase a building & renovate the space. I had seriously enjoyable credit as well. I wanted to get a loan from the bank for all of the supplies that I needed to purchase. I truthfully did not expect the bank to say no… My credit rating is a 732; There is entirely no way that I am a bad credit investment. I went to the bank & I spoke with a loan officer. The guy saw our credit score & he was ready to sign for the loan, unfortunately, the bank that I use does not underwrite loans for cannabis businesses. It is a rule that the bank takes seriously. The loan officer apologized for the problem; He wanted to provide myself and others the loan, but they have strict laws. The loan officer gave myself and others a business card & there was a name written on the back of the card. He told myself and others that the name of the guy was a lawyer that would be able to help myself and others out. I called the lawyer & I found out that he worked for a cannabis consultant group. The lawyer had a whole list of banking & financial institutions that were more than willing to co-sign loans for responsible people wanting to get started in the medical or recreational marijuana industry.


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