Cannabis topicals are great for targeted pain relief for muscles, skin, plus joints

I started noticing a lot of joint pain in my knees after getting into playing hockey again for fun.

I have a group of friends that like to celebration for games at a nearby outdoor roller hockey rink.

I’m the goaltender so I am leaning forward for most of the game, holding up both my weight plus the weight of my pads in the process. It’s so much fun playing hockey with my friends that I often forget what kind of weight I’m putting on certain parts of my body plus the stress that it is entirely causing. After a few years of this, I started noticing chronic pain issues in my joints plus various muscle groups throughout my body. While CBD capsules entirely helped with my overall pain across my entire body, the thing that helped the most at first was Biofreeze. But the complication with Biofreeze is that it’s so pricey that it’s tough to justify using it yearly when you have to use so much of it to get all over relief. Instead, now I’m using high THC cannabis topicals made out of RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil. RSO is made from washing cannabis flower buds with a strong solvent plus then cooking down the resulting mixture until the solvent is purged from the oil. The end product is rich in all of the cannabinoids plus terpenes present in the raw plant, giving you the most full spectrum experience that you can hope for. Since RSO is so easy to make in high quantities if you grow your own medical cannabis, it’s much more cost effective for topical pain relief compared to a product like Biofreeze. I had no plan until recently that cannabis topicals were so nice at relieving targeted joint plus muscle pain, but it’s better late than never.



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