Difficulties of starting a dispensary

Establishing a cannabis dispensary in our new home state was not self-explanatory, but obtaining satisfactory funds, applying for the license and seeing every detail through to opening doors to the company was difficult, however legal compliance for a dispensary is much more complicated than for the average business, then the cannabis industry is highly regulated in all states.

It takes a lot of time, effort, paperwork and money to satisfy the tough requirements! Remaining legal and compliant at all times and in all ways is a constant struggle! However, the legal cannabis industry can be appealingly profitable.

There is a significant profit margin, and the majority of dispensaries operate in the black within the first year of operation. The startup costs for a modest-sized dispensary are often upwards of $250,000. The federal banking restrictions due to the criminal classification of cannabis can make it impossible to get a loan. There are still social stigmas that can create a disadvantage attitude within the community. Once the cannabis dispensary is up and running, SEO is key to drawing in clients, as a recreational shop, our company is legal for adults 21 years of age and older with valid identification. Along with establishing brand recognition among the local population, I need tourists to visit and buy. The average man uses Google and types in keywords. They might search for a dispensary near their location. They might type in “recreational weed,” “marijuana delivery,” or “legal cannabis for sale.” I need our dispensary to show up on the screen of their smartphone, tablet or PC. It’s essential that our website be self-explanatory to navigate, engaging and deliver all necessary information! While I believe a lot about running the dispensary, I am not expertiseable in digital SEO, web design or SEO campaigns. I’ve hired professionals for this.

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