I cannot handle smoking cannabis with mold on it

I learned at an early age that I have a lot of respiratory and sinus allergies.

Every year in the late fall I would develop bronchitis and my pediatrician finally determined that it was the leaf mold from all of the trees that shed their leaves in October and November as temperatures drop.

The leaves accumulate on the ground and rot, contributing to an increase in mold levels outdoors. Molds and other fungal problems are some of my worst allergy triggers. My mother moved my sister and I down south during my last two years of elementary school. We hoped that I would do better with my allergies once we were finally away from the yearly autumn leaf mold, but then I was exposed to moldy air conditioners in the ancient schools down here that I had to attend. They were all rebuilt in the years after my departure. My elementary school was demolished and rebuilt while I was in middle school down the road. Then my ancient high school was given the same treatment during my first year of college. Only my middle school still stands in the same state it was in 20 years ago, although I’m surprised to be completely honest. Nowadays I am able to avoid more mold than I was exposed to as a kid, but sometimes I find it in my cannabis of all things. It’s a moist plant and the flower buds are susceptible to bud rot and mold. I have had friends who worked in cannabis cultivation that saw entire crops of marijuana strains thrown in the trash because of a mold outbreak. I just can’t handle smoking cannabis with mold on it, as my allergy reaction is simply too much for my body.

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