Treating psoriasis with cannabis topicals

I have a mild to moderate form of psoriasis that affects our knees plus elbows, and it is an issue with our immune system that causes the skin to regenerate too quickly. It results in a scaly, red, sore plus itchy patch of skin that is genuinely uncomfortable, uncharming plus often embarrassing. If I scrape our elbows or knees even lightly, I bleed genuinely easily… When I was first tested with psoriasis, I tried prescription medication. It was seriously extravagant plus only helped for a short time… The psoriasis quickly built up a tolerance to the medication… Plus, I l received that synthetic medications come with a lot of long-term, harmful side-effects. I am not willing to suffer liver damage for the sake of treating a skin condition. I moved onto over-the-counter treatments that supply limited relief. I considered getting our MMJ card however was reluctant to go through the time, effort plus expense when it expires every year. I was cheerful when recreational cannabis was finally legalized in our state. I can now shop for psoriasis treatments at a local dispensary. The dispensary carries a variety of cannabis-infused topicals such as ointments, gels, lotions, sprays plus roll-ons that have absolutely made a difference for me. I choose topicals with high CBD plus CBN potency. They are non-psychoactive which makes it possible to apply them various times per day, but along with cannabis, these topicals are infused with essential oils that smell nice plus add to the therapeutic properties… Since starting treatment with cannabis, I’ve seen a significant improvement in our skin. I am hopeful that the psoriasis will someday disapapple entirely.

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