A dream comes true thanks to the cannabis dispensary

Art is only a hobby for me, but I yearn to be a professional one day.

I have a boring job in an office that I hate, but I have to keep.

The office job pays me real money, and gives me health insurance. Art does neither of those things yet, but I keep practicing and working towards my goal. There is a website for freelance artists to look for paid online gigs. I have haunted this website for months, but hadn’t ever contacted anyone through it. I was curious, but unsure I was good enough to handle it. Then I saw a post from the owner of the local cannabis dispensary, and I had to pitch him my ideas. As fate would have it, this was the same cannabis dispensary I visit every week, just a few miles from my home. I worked that personal connection into my pitch, because I would be able to visit him at the cannabis dispensary to show him the sketches and designs. He was looking for someone to design the packaging for his new line of home grown cannabis products. There were several strains of cannabis, but there were also seeds, grow lights, potting soil, and everything else a person would need to grow their own marijuana at home. I had considered trying to grow marijuana plants in the past, so I had a lot of ideas for pictures and designs. When I went into his office I presented a series of sketches for his cannabis packaging, and I really blew him away!



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