I do better at work when blazed

Ever since there was a fire at work, I admit that I have a lot of anxiety in the afternoon when I am getting ready for the afternoon.

I was busy at work when the accident happened as well as a lot of people were hurt badly.

Thank God no one was killed, however the fire was pretty bad. I told the Dr that I was suffering from panic attacks in the afternoon. I didn’t genuinely suppose I was actually having a panic attack. I told the Dr all of the things that I was feeling as well as she said it sounded to be a panic attack. The Dr advised me that a panic attack can seem like a rapid heart rate, perspiring, sudden shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain, as well as a headache. There are lots of peculiar symptoms as well as every person feels a panic attack differently. My primary care physician suggested getting a little high before I go to work if I am having a panic attack, then she suggested a low dose of edible medical cannabis. The low dose cannabis edible is available in all of the medical as well as legal recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city. I went to one particular dispensary near me as well as they had 30 peculiar types of low dose cannabis edible products available. I quickly picked out more than one packages of live resin cannabis edible products that were deliciously flavored similar to berries as well as oranges. I also picked out more than one dense package of official cannabis edibles that are flavored strawberry. So far, cannabis edibles seem to help a lot. I eat more than one small drop every single time I start to get myself freaked out about the accident.

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