I figured out the best recipe

I wanted to make some awesome brownies with marijuana, but I did not really suppose what genre of recipe to use. I seriously did not want the brownies to taste horrible; One of our friends named Bob tried to make brownies with marijuana plus they tasted similar to the bottom of a swamp. They were easily the worst brownies that I have ever had in our existence. I don’t care how much THC they had, I had to throw it away. It was a total mess. I did not want our brownies to turn into the same genre of nightmare. I went to the nearest dispensary plus I was going to buy cannabutter to make brownies. Then I saw a huge tote of peanut butter cups plus I got an attractive idea. I purchased 2 bags of the edible peanut butter cups, realizing each 1 of the peanut butter cups contain 20 mg of thc. I went to the grocery store after that and I purchased a box of the store brand brownie mix. It was only a dollar plus a steal. I purchased a tote of chocolate popcorn that were $1.99. I went back to the home plus I mixed up the store brand brownie mix just as the recipe on the back said. I place a little bit of brownie mix in the bottom of the cupcake pan and 1 of the edible peanut butter cups in the brownie mix. I covered the THC peanut butter cups carefully with more brownie mix plus after that I baked them in the oven at 350° for an hour. They were the most delicious brownies that I have ever had.
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