I stumbled upon a new cannabis dispensary

I have never been one to believe in things like luck or karma.

  • Life is a series of random events, and the human mind tries to make sense out of it… but there is no sense.

Fate is not real, we make our own fate based on the random outcomes of the choices we make. Anyone else would tell you how they “got lucky” because of a random event, but not me. The other night I went to my regular gas station, and found they were completely out of fuel. I had to go to another gas station, one I had never seen before. Next door to this gas station was a cannabis dispensary, which was also new to me. I wasn’t “lucky” to have found this cannabis dispensary, it was just one of those random events. Equally random was the fact that this cannabis dispensary was offering a big discount for new customers. Anyone who signed up for a new account got 25% off their first purchase, plus five free grams of their cannabis of choice. If my gas station didn’t run out of the gas, I never would have found this amazing cannabis sale – does that make me lucky? If anybody was lucky it was the owner of the cannabis dispensary, because now they have a new client! I smoke a lot of cannabis every week, so it was nice to find a new place to shop around. The old cannabis dispensary I was using rarely gets any new products, so I needed a new place to serve my tastes.

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