My plans for a cannabis film festival

This cannabis dispensary is pretty small.

There are a total of five employees, including the manager who also owns the place.

It’s good that I am not career-driven, because there is no way to “move up the corporate” ladder with so few employees. A few weeks ago I finally got a chance for a promotion. The boss Ed was opening up a new smokers lounge next to our building, and wanted to promote someone to be the manager. All four of us got a chance to interview for the position, and pitch ideas on how to promote it and make it successful. My first thought was a cannabis themed movie festival, where we would screen classic films inside the smokers lounge. There are so many great movies that are heavily influenced by cannabis, and a lot more that are considered favorites in the pot community. I am a member of Generation X and grew up watching the best classic comedies and horror movies. I learned about cannabis through movies and TV long before I ever experienced it in real life. I loved Cheech and Chong movies, even though I had no idea what marijuana was at the time. Over the years the so-called “stoner comedy” has become an institution, and there are many comedies based on finding, buying, and smoking cannabis. To put together a roster of the best cannabis comedies of all time and screen them over a series of weeks might be a great way to get more people into the store. I am sure I will get the job.


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