The flower is worth the price

I never buy top shelf marijuana products normally when I go to the dispensary, because they cost about $40 or $50 for an eighth.

I am more of a bargain patron most of the time. I love to get a wonderful deal. I can get high whether the product of marijuana costs $40 or $10, so it doesn’t bother me if the marijuana doesn’t taste as great as the strain that is more costly. To me, I am thinking about the best deal possible so I can get more than three times as much marijuana for the same price if it doesn’t taste quite as delicious. Every once in a while, I still love to buy an eighth of top shelf flowers. When I have an overtime shift at work, I will splurge on the best stuff. I also splurge if I win on a lottery ticket. Every Sunday when I get paid, I buy a quick $20 lottery ticket. If I do not win, that has okay. If I win $20, I usually put the money right back in our pocket. If I win more, I use the money to buy better marijuana from the local dispensary near me. Last Sunday, I won $150 on a $20 scratch off lottery ticket. I was excited, because I had $130 profit which was burning a hole in our pocket. I went directly to the recreational marijuana dispensary as well as I shopped around for 20 or 30 minutes. I spent all of the money that I had won on our lottery ticket on an eighth of top shelf flower as well as a couple of grams of top notch cannabis concentrate. None of the products that I purchased were disappointing.

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