I like a little dose of marijuana at night before bed

I like to smoke marijuana just before I go to bed for the night.

Marijuana has been proven to be a beautiful sleep aid.

It’s gentle on our stomach and it does not form bad habits. I had a disappointing problem with insomnia when I was at the university and I got totally addicted to taking Nyquil every single night. I couldn’t fall asleep unless I had the over-the-counter medicine. I ended up talking with our therapist about not sleeping and insomnia and all of the NyQuil and she suggested using medical marijuana. Marijuana was legal for recreational and medical use throughout the state and very straightforward to obtain. The doctor offered myself and others the name of a place where I could go to get my medical marijuana card. I decided not to go through all of the trouble since recreational marijuana is legal. I sampled a couple of Indica marijuana strains first like Northern lights, Granddaddy purp, and OG kush. 1 Indica marijuana strain that I easily like is ice cream cake. Ice cream cake is another strain of the Indica leaning hybrids that comes from OG kush. At night just before I go to bed, I like to smoke marijuana. It legitimately helps myself and others fall asleep much faster and stay asleep for a lot longer. Whenever I have a chance to tell someone about the beautiful healing products of marijuana, I provide them an earful. I hate listening to people talk about marijuana in a disappointing way. It has changed our life by allowing myself and others to get a full 8 hours of deep sleep every night.



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