Might move to a recreational weed state

My husband and I have always lived in medical weed only states.

We moved from one to the other.

So it has never occurred to us how awesome it would be to have recreational weed. Also, how easy it would be to pick it up. We used to be big time cannabis users in college. My husband loved flower and I was an edible gal. Since we have gotten older, having a weed dealer just seems embarrassing. When we got married we actually were in a recreational weed state. That was a whole new world for us. Suddenly we could get our cannabis for a cheaper price and have it right there. It was so nice buying cannabis like you would milk or a pair of pants. It made our honeymoon much more fun too. I much prefer cannabis over alcohol. With booze you get a lot of lasting effects and empty calories. For our trip I picked up some THC infused gummies and had a great time. My husband chose an oil form and vaped it on our honeymoon. We both were seriously bummed that when it was time to go home we had to pitch our products. It really hammered home that we aren’t allowed to have recreational weed. We both have started considering moving to a state that offers it. It was just too nice of a thing to go without. Moving just for cannabis does seem a little silly though. Am I right? There are more important things to consider after all.
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