My cannabis doctor hasn't raised his prices in 4 years

I am extremely thankful for these consistent prices at the Cannabis doctor.

People told me to expect prices on everything to go up right now. Since energy itself is much more expensive than it was a few years ago, you would normally expect all goods and services to cost more than they used to. Shipping items and keeping open a business with lights on is going to cost a business owner more money. I’m surprised that my doctor doesn’t charge more per visit as a result. My recent appointment was only $50 with my prescription insurance. This is even after my doctor changed his offices and went to a building that was a lot more modern and upgraded. You would think that he would pass that investment onto his customers at higher prices, but he didn’t. My cannabis doctor is largely the same way. While some of his rates on non cannabis related services have gone up, he has not raised the prices on cannabis appointments since I started seeing him in 2018. That’s 5 years of paying the exact same price to get my medical cannabis recommendation. I am extremely thankful for these consistent prices at the Cannabis doctor. Especially since we are forced by the state to go twice a year to retain our medical marijuana patient status. On top of seeing the medical marijuana doctor twice a year, we also have to pay the department of health a $75 fee to keep our medical marijuana cards active. I wish they could just charge us once every two years like some states do. It’s definitely not cheap being a medical marijuana patient in my state.



Medical Marijuana Card Renewal