Researching cannabis before going into the dispensary

Before walking into a cannabis dispensary I decided that I needed to do some research.

I just didn’t want to walk in blind and end up with something I didn’t want.

The world of cannabis is quite large and there are a lot of questions that need answered. I am glad that I studied up before buying my product. First, how do you want to consume your cannabis? You don’t just have to smoke a flower or oil format. There are edibles that you eat, a tincture is an oil based product and there are topicals that are applied to the skin. After that, do you want a sativa or indica? Sativa is a daytime use strain that gives off a mind high and typically gets you motivated and upbeat. An indica is a peaceful, calming strain that is a body high best for nighttime use. Now how much THC and CBD do you want in your strain? The THC is what gets you high. The CBD is the part of the plant that provides medical relief. Finally, how much are you looking to consume? There are limitations to how much cannabis you can purchase in your state. You do get cut off by your ID. You can’t just hop dispensary to dispensary. I am glad that I took a little time to find exactly what I wanted. I could have asked the local budtender questions, but I didn’t want to come across totally ignorant of the world of cannabis. I now know I want an edible, a sativa and a high CBD content. I don’t need a lot of it either.



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