Summer days are terrible for deliveries

I labor at a marijuana delivery repair 5 days during the week.

During the summer season, my unbelievable friend and I are always busy. One reason is the nice weather. People want to stay at home or savor activities when the weather is nice, then nobody wants to run errands when the sun is shining in addition to there are no clouds in the sky. Periodically when I go to the marijuana delivery service, I will labor 10 minutes before all of my orders are delivered. When I get to the marijuana delivery repair in the morning, I have a box ready for myself and others to opportunity up. My name is on top of the box. It’s up to myself and others to make sure that every single one of the orders in the box is accurate. I am the last lady to double check in addition to staple the tote shut. After that, I leave the delivery shop in addition to heading out for the day. Periodically there are 12 orders in the box in addition to sometimes there are 20. It depends on the day in addition to the weather to be honest. Mondays are not usually a genuinely busy day. Periodically I even get to go home early. Most days I never get out of there until after 6:00 p.m., however on Mondays I usually get to leave around 4:00. Monday was a scorcher in addition to the temperature being 95°. My unbelievable friend and I had a lot of deliveries to the hotels in addition to motels near the beach… Unluckily, a lot of the deliveries were young people in addition to I did not get genuinely unbelievable tips. Even though I had 14 marijuana deliveries that day, I barely made $100 in tips.


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