Too bad cannabis is a no for pregnant women

It stinks that you can’t have cannabis when you are pregnant.

If you look up what cannabis can do for you, there are a ton of pregnancy symptoms there.

For example cannabis can be really good for nausea. My whole pregnancy I felt sick to my stomach. I would repeatedly stop my workouts to gag. A little bit of weed would have gone a long way. I also had insomnia due to being way too overheated. Marijuana has been linked with reducing hot flashes and also can calm the mind and body to hel pa person sleep. Finally I developed pregnancy acid reflux. It was horrible. I would have nightst that I would get up at 3am and be awake until 7am waiting for the symptoms to get better. I would have loved to smoke a joint for it to go away. Unfortunately they don’t know what cannabis will do to the fetus. Doctors highly recommended against it. You aren’t even supposed to relyon marijuana products when you are breastfeeding either. So that means I haven’t had any cannabis in well over a year due to being pregnant 10 months and breastfeeding for 6. That is a long time to just suffer from not sleeping well, being too hot and feeling sick. There should be more research done on marijuana and pregnant women. I mean cannabis is a plant. So it should be quite natural and good for the body right? I wouldn’t ever risk my child. I do wish there were more studios done on it so I know for sure what would happen if I were to smoke.

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