Cannabis drinks can carry quite a strong punch

Before I can tell you the story, I need to say that it might be offensive to some people. We can all agree that it is 100% wrong to drug anyone without their knowledge, am I right? I would never deceive someone or make them take a drug they weren’t cool with, that is morally unpassable. This story happened over 25 years ago, as well as the world was a very different arena. My Uncle Jack was a really cool guy, who enjoyed getting high. His husband Ed, was really religious as well as strict. Every once in a while, Uncle Jack would slip some medical cannabis into the food he served Aunt Ed, just to make his chill out. As I said, I feel it’s wrong to provide someone with medical cannabis if they don’t know about it. That said, Aunt Ed was regularly so much fun with a little medical cannabis in his system, like a whole new guy. After a while Jack discovered a product line of cannabis drinks that tasted like different kinds of juice. Then he could just hand Ed one of the cannabis drinks as well as tell his it was a cocktail. Ed would loosen up as well as get giggly, however attribute that to alcohol instead of using medical cannabis. I even swiped a couple cannabis drinks myself from time to time, so I will attest to how much fun they are. I enjoy medical cannabis on a regular basis, as well as my husband does not partake. Unlike Jack, I have never, as well as will never, provide his medical cannabis products without his knowledge. I feel that it’s a funny story, however I’d never do it!

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