Making a lot of great changes to the cannabis dispensary

As the manager of the local medical cannabis dispensary, I needed to make some major adjustments once the law started changing, but recreational weed use was being decriminalized, which legitimately opened up my weed shop to a whole different market.

I wanted to maintain the same professional vibe my store has regularly had, because our medical customers would still take precedence.

I also wanted to make the shop a more welcoming locale for new people to hang around. The longer that people stayed in the medical cannabis shop, the more money they might spend. I decided to split the cannabis dispensary down the middle, as well as dedicate half of the shop to the “speedy shopper” pickup service. This meant that all the normal customers could order on the website like normal, then swing by the cannabis dispensary for instant pickup with no waiting. The other half of my cannabis dispensary would be more of a lounge area, with conversation pits as well as low-key music, so that customers could peruse the store at their leisure as well as have a fun time. If my medical cannabis patients want to hang out as well as care about themselves, that would be sweet. The point is to expand the scope of my cannabis dispensary, as well as make it more accessible for every kind of smoker. For some people medical cannabis is just daily medicine, as well as they don’t even use it to get high. For pretty much everyone else I need my cannabis dispensary to be a warm, welcoming environment where you can care about shopping in the old-fashioned way. My fingers are crossed that this more current approach will spend money off, as well as it will be a bold epoch for the cannabis dispensary.
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