My healthcare expert still won’t prescribe medical weed for me

According to my healthcare expert Doctor Kim, I don’t have a medical condition that necessitates my use of cannabis.

I feel Doctor Kim is full of lies, because I desperately need a prescription for this stuff, as well as he won’t provide it to me, however Doc Kim says that it should be reserved for cancer patients, or people with glaucoma, and what Doc Kim doesn’t understand is that I am suffering from the worst of all maladies for a person like me – writer’s block.

I have a crippling writer’s block, as well as I need to get past it so I can finish all of my writing assignments for the weekend. That means I need medical cannabis, of the sativa variety. The sativa strains of medical marijuana are just what I need to maintain high productivity as well as keeping my creativity at its peak. Indica strains of medical cannabis tend to make me fatigued, as well as I want to kneel down to watch movies for a few hours, however sativa strains of medical cannabis have quite the opposite effect, as well as make me feel sharp as well as focused. If Doctor Kim won’t do the right thing as well as prescribe medical cannabis for me, I am going to have to get creative! My cousin usually shops at the cannabis dispensary, so I can pay him to choice up a few extra grams for me! However I need to find a permanent solution as well, so if Doctor Kim won’t hook me up with medical cannabis perhaps I can find a more liberal healthcare expert? I need to do some more research as well as find out which local healthcare experts are the most permissive with prescriptions for medical cannabis.

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