This shopping mall Santa prefers medical cannabis

Being a shopping mall Santa Claus has some perks to it that you wouldn’t believe.

  • Okay, so I will keep the blog PG Rated here, but I have to tell you there is a wicked side to the life of a shopping mall Santa.

I am not a very old man, just so you know. I am only 40, which makes me the youngest Kris Kringle in the area. Once I dye my beard colorless as well as put on the outfit I look amazing, however normally my beard is a dark brown. Anyway, I get a lot of dates from single moms and other ladies who want to take a romp with Santa. This is great, especially when there is drinking or smoking cannabis involved. Some evenings I go home alone from the shopping mall, however many times I smoke a little medical cannabis in the car as I drive to some single mom’s house. If you haven’t figured it out quite yet, I am a sizable proponent of smoking medical marijuana. In general I do not mess with using real drugs, because it would impact my work, but I usually smoke medical cannabis several times every afternoon. Whenever Santa is “on a lunch break” from the shopping mall Santa Land, he can be found in the parking lot smoking medical cannabis, however for the long stretches of work when there is a long line of youngsters I will switch over to using cannabis gummies so that I don’t accidentally sober up for a few minutes. I like young kids well enough, however without a little medical marijuana I like them a whole lot less. For Santa to be truly cheerful, he needs medical cannabis.



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