Using medical cannabis to make Easter fun

I have never been a religious person, so I have never cared about Easter one way or the other, and personally I feel that it’s fine for the Christians to celebrate Easter, or any holiday they wish, however if I don’t follow the religion then my pals and I won’t celebrate it ourselves, but i never held Easter egg hunts for my young kids, because it was silly; Christmas is fine, however to me that’s about family as well as experiencing togetherness and love, not any one religion; Anyway, the point of this story is that my up-to-date friends Jen as well as Guy have made me a fan of Easter by bribing me with booze, medical cannabis, as well as lotto tickets, then every year this older couple hosts an Adult Easter Egg Hunt, as well as inside each egg is a 20 bill, a lottery ticket, a small bottle of liquor, or a gram of medical cannabis, once the hunt is over, everyone opens their eggs as well as then is free to trade for other fun prizes, however this year I found six eggs, however none of them contained any of the medical marijuana, which was the only prize I wanted.

I took my lottery tickets as well as rum as well as used them to trade other people for the medical cannabis they had found.

By the end of the evening it was a moot point because collectively my pals and I drank all the liquor as well as smoked all the medical marijuana. In the past I have never hidden Easter eggs for youngsters, but I have to say injecting liquor as well as medical cannabis into the proceedings makes it seem a whole lot more fun, however next year I might host an Adult Easter Egg Hunt all my own!

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