Budgeting for my cannabis consumption

It is very rare that I find myself with any extra money. The economy has been rough around here, and my paychecks don’t seem to go as far as they used to. This means I always have to be extra cautious with my spending, and never make impulsive buys for things I don’t really need. However, I do consider cannabis to be something I truly need. Without the calming effects of the marijuana plant my stress levels would be crippling. Since I truly loathe my job, I need to be relaxed and happy to do my work, so I always budget my spending to account for marijuana. How important is it? Well last month I had an unexpected expense with my car, which cost me $200, and would have wiped out my entire cannabis budget. Instead I cut back on groceries, and ate ramen noodles and bologna sandwiches for a whole month so I could have my cannabis. I would rather go without decent food than cannabis. When I talk about budgeting for cannabis, I am not just talking about the money to buy it. Once I have the cannabis I need to parcel it out into smaller portions and “budget” how quickly I smoke it. I have a daily allotment of cannabis, and if I go through it too quickly then I know I will be dry for a few days at the end of the month. Do all potheads have to be so painstaking with their cannabis use, or am I alone in this? Hit me up in the comments.
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