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You have to be careful who you buy from

I do not enjoy getting burned by evil sellers when making online purchases of any sort. For a few of us, our experiences with sketch online sellers started with the beginning of online sales. Although they’ve made extreme steps in recent years to protect customers, that wasn’t always the case. I had two terrible experiences […]

The severe weather does affect quite a bit

I moved to the west after two years of constant snow storms hitting my northern home. It’s horrifying wondering if 1 of those snow storms is going to unexpectedly drop down from the sky and destroy everything in its wake. One day around the time when my wife had just given birth to my kid, […]

One of my favorite jobs I went on

I’m shocked that I ended up working as a journalist in our career path in life. I never went to journalism school or thought about it. Instead did a short internship with a new station in our city. When I attended college, I had a loose major in communications and political science. Although it wasn’t […]

She got me into gardening

My friend Mary and I have always bonded over flowers and gardening. I was her assistant in her vegetable and herb garden. She taught me about digging holes with the proper depth, and we’d add a small amount of potting soil and plant food before planting seeds or small plantlets from the department store landscaping […]

He helped me with that grow tent

I am really enjoying my current activity growing weed in a small grow tent I built in my backyard. Assembling the grow tent from scratch was 1 of the last projects I did with my father before he passed away from a heart attack earlier this year. It was exciting getting to build a big […]

Simple and easy ordering online first

I like the flexibility of purchasing products off the computer as opposed to in-person buying. Years ago it wasn’t as simple as it is now. Shipping costs used to be a real issue in numerous situations, especially buying heavy power tools or furniture off the internet. In the years since it’s not hard to find […]

He found his calling with extraction

My best pal has had an exciting job history. When we went off to college, he decided to attend a local school. I was an education major while he was in culinary school dreaming of becoming an apprentice to a master chef. He kept learning more about food, even after he graduated from culinary school […]

I delivery cannabis products

I’ve been actually working a delivery job for that past few months now. When the coronavirus hit, many jobs disappeared while others popped up overnight. The call for new delivery drivers was far and vast. My job working for a travel company disappeared completely, and I thankfully had years of delivery experience under my belt […]

I read up on cannabis first

Whenever I’m at a new doctor’s office, I try to study the medical magazines provided in each respective waiting area. Even though I always have my smartphone with me and could just as easily browse the internet, I still like to read medical magazines, especially if I’m seeing a specialist who I’ve never met before. […]

Need something more potent

It’s frustrating when things lose their effects as time goes on. Whether it’s the satisfaction you get from a certain interest or the buzz from a can of wine, your perception of that stimulus is going to change as you get older. Sometimes the effects simply go away. You could fall madly in love with […]