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The new manager make me want to quit

I’ve never worked for someone that is so mean and condescending. My last manager and I were very good friends. We both worked on the day shift together and we had the same interests. I like fishing and hiking and going to the beach and the guy enjoyed paddleboarding and kayaking. We often hung out […]

Waiting for the deals

I don’t have the cash to try new things all of the time. If I’m provided a free-sample of a $5 cake and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted, there’s a remote opportunity I might buy the cake. But I can’t risk $5 on something I might not enjoy. I bought a […]

They are always out of stock

I hate it when stores are always out of stock with products that you always purchase. The grocery store in our city that I frequent the most has amazing buffalo chicken strips in their deli department. This is some of the highest rated chicken in the entire state, even when factoring in family pizzerias that […]

You have to be careful who you buy from

I do not enjoy getting burned by evil sellers when making online purchases of any sort. For a few of us, our experiences with sketch online sellers started with the beginning of online sales. Although they’ve made extreme steps in recent years to protect customers, that wasn’t always the case. I had two terrible experiences […]

They need to be quite large and powerful to succeed

The legal weed industry has changed so much over the past decade. When the first state approved of a legal medical marijuana market, people from all walks of life became corporation owners in the booming industry. You didn’t necessarily need tons of cash just to get started in the medical marijuana market. Dispensaries could buy […]

Getting what I can online

I am now sourcing just about all of my groceries as well as essentials off my laptop. Even though online shopping has been famous since the late 1990s, it wasn’t until the last 8 years that stores have started putting in grocery store items to their online product inventory. The launch of Amazon Prime was […]

Able to learn what I need online

Thankfully I never got busted at that apartment, however it was startling growing weed like that when it was still illegal in my state Despite living in this modern time, I still read a number of blogs. I understand that more people get their information from online videos as well as social media platforms opposed […]

He helped me with that grow tent

I am really enjoying my current activity growing weed in a small grow tent I built in my backyard. Assembling the grow tent from scratch was 1 of the last projects I did with my father before he passed away from a heart attack earlier this year. It was exciting getting to build a big […]