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On the go vaping

I’ve been working a delivery job for the past few months. When the pandemic hit, many jobs disappeared while others opened up quickly. The call for new delivery drivers was far and wide. My task working for a travel business disappeared all together, and I thankfully had years of delivery experience on my resume when […]

Making food with CBD

My best friend has had an exciting job history since we finished school. When I went off to college, she decided to attend a local trade school. I was a history major while she was in culinary school dreaming of becoming an apprentice to a master chef. She kept reading more about food, even after […]

Just order those products online!

I love the flexibility of buying items on the internet opposed to in-person buying. Years ago it wasn’t as simple as it is now. Shipping costs used to be a real issue in many situations, especially buying large electronics or music instruments off the internet. In the years since it’s not difficult to find store […]

My neighbor Cathleen has started selling CBD products

It’s consistently straight-forward for myself and others to buy what I need plus I hate using traditional medicines love high powered pharmaceuticals My next door neighbor Cathleen has long been a proponent of CBD plus all kinds of marijuana infused products. She has been trying to sell them, legally of course, for the past few […]