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Trying hybrid marijuana strains

There is a marijuana delivery service in my town and they have the best prices on products in the whole locale. The marijuana delivery service only has one downfall. They only offer deliveries for next day service! You have to plan ahead in order to take advantage of the savings and specials. Some of my […]

Marijuana to help with my friend’s anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to many different types of stressful situations. Anxiety is part of an underlying condition that makes a person feel like they are intensely scared or fearful! Panic attacks often accompany anxiety. My best friend has an awful problem with anxiety. The guy is always uneasy that something is going to […]

Honeymoon where recreational marijuana is legal

My wife and I had our honeymoon in a locale where recreational marijuana is 100% legal. As long as you have a driver’s license for some form of identification, you can’t legally purchase marijuana from a licensed retail distributor. You have to be 21 years of age, but that is not a problem for my […]

I still use medical marijuana from time to time

I still weigh less than 100 lb and I am almost 30 years old Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been easily skinny and scrawny. My healthcare expert told my mom that I was underweight and she thought that the healthcare expert was crazy. She took me to a different healthcare […]

Winter weather is the worst for a delivery driver

After I graduated from the university, I got a menial task working at a local pizza shop. I worked as a food delivery driver on the weekends plus during the mornings of the week I would work in the kitchen. Sometimes I made pizzas plus sporadically I inspected prepping foods for the next afternoon. I […]

Last weekend I had the teens the whole time

I usually spend some time every weekend with my niece plus nephew. They are both 10 years of age plus my sister works on the weekends sporadically. I get to spend the afternoon with them plus my fantastic friends and I usually do something fun like go over to the river or go see the […]

I am bound by the law not to go over the weed limit

Medical marijuana patients get allotments each plus every month which is the amount of marijuana that they can legally purchase from 1 store. In this state, the limits are 2 oz of marijuana for every medical marijuana patient then after that there are no more purchases allowed. Each patient can only purchase 2 oz of […]