Basketball Players Always Have Bad Knees

I am a former university basketbal player & I deal with a lot of aches & pains.

I did a lot of running and ball playing in university.

I entirely wrecked my neck when I caught my flyer in a bad way. I also hurt my knees whilerunning up and down the court. In university I just pushed through the knee agony & kept going. I was needed for the games & competitions that the team competed in. Now that I am middle aged, entirely working from home & no longer a basketball player, it has all caught up with me. My back frequently spasms on me to the point I want to start crying. I find it troubling to squat, rest, or sit for long points of time due to my knee. I have taken different pain pills, gotten massages & gone to chiropractor visits. Nothing has helped at all. A guy at work let me in on the fact that he uses a topical CBD cream for his back pain for his pain. I looked up what a topical CBD cream is & I found that it is a cannabis based product. You can get a cream or patch for knees. The topical is supposed to reduce inflammation & almost numb the body. It reminds me of icy hot. The marijuana patches officially have THC that gets into the bloodstream & makes you high. You could also just get a CBD infused cream to treat the painful areas. I have concluded that is what I am going to do. I recognize a little odd going into a legal weed shop but that’s where I can get the CBD cream. I want to recognize some relief from my chronic knee pain.
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Getting a Medical Cannabis Card was a Straightforward Process

For years I have considered trying to get a medical marijuana prescription.

I don’t entirely need cannabis for a chronic illness, I just care about how it makes me feel.

Since I don’t suffer from MS, seizures, depression or bipolar disorder, I figured I just wouldn’t be allowed to have a medical cannabis card. I also thought the process of getting a medical marijuana card would be time consuming and annoying, and finally I decided to give it a try & say I had chronic insomnia. I entirely care about to smoke weed to sleep better at night. I told my medical professional that I was a victim of insomnia. He instantly wrote me a prescription for flower & cannabis oil. It was the shortest of all conversations. I had to fill out some paperwork, apply for my medical card, pay for it & then just chill until the card came in the mail. Then I was allowed to go to a medical marijuana dispensary. I felt a bit uncomfortable walking into a legal cannabis shop. I kept looking for cops to burst through the doors, push me to my stomach & cuff me. I thought I was going to get caught for lying & be thrown in jail. However, the experience was not at all difficult, pretty reasonably priced & I got the weed that I wanted. I am now a medical marijuana patient & can get whatever cannabis products I want each week. The medical strain of a weed is a little more potent, but it works. I am hoping someday I will be cleared to try some different THC & CBD infused items.

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We Learned to Love Cannabis

My BFF & I recently went on a trip to another state; Both of us wanted to go to some shops, a afternoon at the beach & try some up-to-date things.

One thing the state is known for is its recreational marijuana dispensaries.

My BFF smoked a few times in university & I had never used marijuana before. Basically the multiple of us went into the cannabis shop with no clue what to do. Thankfully the budtenders at the store were amazing & provided us a tour of everything. I learned about marijuana flower vs marijuana oil, sativa vs indica & a dab bar vs a vape lounge. I had a good time reading on the names of the strains care about Girl Scout Cookies & yellow kush. My BFF & I decided to grab a bit of everything. Both of us got a vape & some cannabis oil. I chose some cannabis cookies, gummies & even a cooking oil I planned to smuggle back to our home state. Well turns out that the two of us have discovered we really like cannabis. The multiple of us used up all our products a few days in the trip & had to go back. Both of us found ourselves in the vape lounge, spending time at the dab bar & breaking out the cooking oil in the little kitchenette in our hotel suite. It was such a fun time & it wasn’t even necessary to get high. Typically my friends always relied on THC heavy products, but there were a few just CBD infused items. No matter what, my BFF and I loved what the two of us tried. Too bad our state is so behind the times when it comes to marijuana use. The multiple of us are not sure we can get a medical cannabis card.


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Cannabis Delivery Driver is my New Job

The pandemic has caused difficulties for local businesses.

  • The cleaning requirements, more limited hours & stupid rules have made it hard to stay open.

The little restaurant I worked at closed down. I started scrambling to find a job during the worst possible time. No retail stores are hiring workers. They simply don’t need them this year. What corporation is doing a more booming business now of all times? Well I found out that the cannabis world is rocking. They don’t require storefronts to do business… Cannabis delivery is a sizable thing that is only growing increasingly popular. You arena an order on the cannabis dispensary website, pay a delivery fee & a driver brings it to your front door or mailbox. That is what I do now, I am a delivery driver for cannabis products. I have to say, it is better than being a cook at a restaurant. I am in charge of when I drive. I also care about cranking my rock n roll & just chilling in my car. The work isn’t extremely difficult. I just style the address into my cellphone, drive to the location and follow the drop off directions. Typically I meet the buyer right at the door & hand off. The exchange is only a moment, however occasionally I leave on front steps, in carports or occasionally in a garage that I have the door code for. It is entirely nice that I rarely deal with people & when I do, they are super happy that I have arrived.

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Cannabis Might Be Better Option than Pills

My sibling is weird.

He was a truly irritated child & turned into an emotional teen.

Now as an adult, he has to battle depression. Relying on pills for his depression isn’t the best. Not only is my sibling forgetful about taking them everyday, but he is the style of person that would abuse prescription pills without much difficulty. I was looking at natural things for my sibling to take to combat his depression. That is how I found that people smoke marijuana for this issue. Right away I talked to my sibling about possibly using cannabis to help with his depression. He thought it was beeter to try smoking rather than popping a pill. The budtender at the cannabis dispsenary had several recommendations that my sibling could smoke. There was OG Kush, Blue Dream & Purple Haze along with some others. The budtender started spouting off about sativas & indicas. We are ignorant about cannabis, so the two of us let the budtender handle everything. The guy got my sibling set up with a vape, mint flavored cannabis oil & a few ounces of flower as a starter pack. So far my sibling smokes every afternoon when he wakes up & right before bed.It seems to me that he is a lot more mellow & maybe slightly happier. I am thinking that if I don’t see a substantial change in a few weeks, he needs a higher dose. I am cautiously optimistic that cannabis will work wonders for him. It is better than pills, that is what I keep thinking.

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Cannabis is my Last OPtion for Better Sleep

I really don’t know if the cannabis will truly work for my sleeping complications

I can’t sleep at all. I have a good quality size mattress with bamboo sheets on it. I have a special shaped pillow. I also bought a sound machine, sleep mask & I do mediation before bed to ease my thoughbts. It does not seem to matter though. I stay up all night, wide awake. I just can’t seem to find elusive sleep. Even if I go to sleep, I can guarantee I am going to be waking up every few hours anway. I have looked into all sorts of things to improve my sleep. I have tried drinking a shot, eating kiwi & eliminating yellow light. None of it works! Recently I saw that people are now being prescribed cannabis in order to sleep. My state unfortunately doesn’t legalize recreational marijuana use, only medical. I am thinking about applying for a medical marijuana card & getting a prescription so I would be able to use flower & oil. I wouldn’t care if I was really high so I could barely move. Honestly I would take a swift kick to the face to help me get my beauty rest. So far I have found that getting a medical marijuana card isn’t that difficult. I need to find a medical professional who is willing to prescribe weed, have an appointment with him, do some paperwork & pay a few bucks. Then I am good to go & can option up my cannabis products. I really don’t know if the cannabis will truly work for my sleeping complications. I am staying hopeful because this is the last option that I haven’t tried yet. When it fails, I don’t know what I will do.



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Zits Becomne Less Noticeable

I have always had trouble with my skin; Ever since I went through puberty I have suffered with zits.

  • I have tried proactive, scrub & clear & neutrogena products.

Nothing has seemed to reduce the zits, well I recognize I have finally found the magical cure in the form of marijuana. I research skin acne remedies all of the time. I found in an online forum that people are smoking weed to help get rid of acne. Apparently weed can reduce inflammation in the body & it makes those zits less noticeable. Another pro of smoking pot is that it also cuts down on the amount of sebum the body creates or makes. This is the oily, waxy substance that clogs pores to create acne. I went without hesitation to my local cannabis dispensary & toured the products. I didn’t want an edible that has a bunch of sugar, fat & carbs. I entirely eat healthy to ensure scrub skin. The budtender offered me a topical marijuana ointment. It looks just care about an acne medicine but it has parts of the cannabis plant in it. It has a entirely pleasant, peppermint stink to it & it isn’t too odorous. I recognize care about I am not instantly clogging my pores putting it on my face. I even splurged & got a cannabis facial scrub from the same line. I have been using the cannabis skin creams for around a month now & my acne is drying out. It is not nearly as noticeable as it used to be & I recognize the marijuana products are the reason for it.


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Flying is no Longer Anxiety Producing for Me

When I got got a different job I thought I was going to have to turn it down, the promotion required me to travel all over the place giving presentations to potential purchasers… I have no issue speaking in front of people.

  • Flying causes me anxiety.

I stick to car, bus & train travel whenever possible. Unfortunately, a lot of our clients are far enough away from the office that air travel is the fastest, most cost effective way to travel. Thankfully I decided to research how to calm my flying anxiety before I turned the job down; A lot of people online commanded trying medical marijuana. Apparently weed can be effective treat anxiety with a little CBD & periodically THC. I was willing to try the marijuana or anything else really, at that point. I went through all the required documentation in order to get a medical marijuana card. I then went to the cannabis dispensary and kind of believed I would end up being high as a kite. I didn’t care, as long as I could get on a plane and keep my new job. The budtender was entirely great. The guy told me I didn’t need to smoke a joint & be high in order to have less anxiety.Then he commanded CBD oil. He told me to take a few drops right when I get to the airport. I then can take a drop in the bathroom after I go through security & maybe even on the flight bathroom in a pinch if I need it… Since it is a CBD infused oil, I won’t get high, just calm. So far it has worked ease my anxiety.

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This dumb delivery driver forgot to grab half of my order

I hate going to a drive-thru eating establishment, because they will consistently seem to get my order messed up.

Even when I get a burger and fries, they find a way to screw it up.

A long time back, I decided to stop ordering for pick up or for delivery. I thought it was the most effective way to be sure that my order was right all the time. That has worked legitimately well. If I can see my food being made and check it out before I leave the store, so that I never have to get stuck with something that is subpar. Unfortunately, some things have to be ordered for delivery. Ever since the COVID virus, local suppliers have limited the number of people allowed inside the building. Even the medicinal marijuana dispensary has had to make some fluctuations. Only 3 people are allowed in the building at 1 time. To help accommodate this up-to-date rule, the medicinal marijuana dispensary started a delivery service. There is no minimum order to acquire home delivery and there is a legitimately small fee. My friends and I ordered some medicinal marijuana supplies last Saturday, and the delivery driver forgot to grab half of the order. I was missing a few marijuana cigarettes, an edible brownie, and the CBD tincture that I ordered. This is the first time both of us had a major screw-up, but the girl forgot a lot of our cannabis products. She had to go back to the dispensary and make a fourth trip to our apartment. I gave the girl a more than four dollar tip the first time, however I didn’t tip the girl twice since it was her mistake in the first place.
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I didn't see the girl who was stealing, however I got fired

My boss called me Monday afternoon and asked me to come into work a few minutes early that day.

I thought that the recreational cannabis dispensary was busy. I figured that was the real reason why my boss wanted me to come in a few minutes early. When I arrived at the recreational cannabis dispensary, I was ready to begin working my shift. Instead, the boss escorted me into her office and told me to take a seat. The girl told me that there was a theft over the weekend and over $200 worth of cannabis products were stolen. I could not think the news. I instantly wanted me to think if someone broke into the store. When my boss told me that it happened when I was working, I was completely dumbfounded. My boss turned the computer around and showed me a video of the theft as it happened, however not only did it happen while I was at work, but it happened on my shift and right at my counter. While I had my back turned, more than one guys helped themselves to some marijuana concentrate from under the counter. They were seriously quick and you could tell that they were professionals. My boss told me that they took $200 worth of cannabis products while my back was turned for a hot second. The girl demanded an explanation, however I didn’t have anything I could say. I didn’t see anything with my back turned. I didn’t help them steal the items. I would have stopped them had I known they were breaking the law. My boss said I was being legitimately careless. Then the boss told me that I was fired.

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